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COZY POWELL ----29 Dec 1947 ~ 5 April 1998

Chris  Anderson Remembers Cozy

Cozy raced in Touring Cars in the mid 1970's, in particular Production Saloons when he ran a  Mazda  , with Production Saloons   he ran a RX3 under the Hitachi Racing banner.

( car I which built and ran)

I spent a lot of time with Cozy talking about the car and stuff, and we would meet up most weeks, either at a circuit, or if he came to the factory for a chat, there are very few actual stories I could tell, because it was always about cars and talking of races. It was not really a social as in going out pubbing or clubbing with him type of friendship, and I was only involved with him for a year or two. I then moved to Australia and actually only read of his tragic death a few years after the event happened. 

I did almost buy his Ferrari Dino from him though.... in 1975. He offered it to me for a good price, but it was more than I could afford by a few hundred quid, and it needed two new rear tyres to pass an MOT test! I also think Cozy used to use it quite hard, and the car had a few marks on it. So I knocked it back. The Dino's shot up in value after that so I missed out bigtime, given the price I was offered it at the time and what they were selling for a few years later, but sh*t happens. It was from memory lime green or a fluro yellow colour. It certainly wasnt red. ;)  

 One thing I do remember well is what a totally normal everyday sort of guy he was, generally always seeing the funny side of life, and never came across with any 'superstar' airs and graces that so many people in similar positions seem to have. He would talk to everyone and anyone. He was a truly great guy, very thoughtful, and certainly to me very kind. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have been a colleague of his. 

     Below Cozy racing at Oulton Park Raceway 1975

  pic Alan Cox 

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