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COZY POWELL ----29 Dec 1947 ~ 5 April 1998

Cindy Jefferies Memories Of Cozy Powell   (Colin Flooks)



As soon as I learned to read I wanted to write stories. I was always telling tall tales to my two younger sisters, and I still have a ridiculous ‘newspaper’ I wrote about my older brother’s friends, including Colin Flooks, who later became the famous rock drummer Cozy Powell.

 my memories, well Colin was three years older than me, the same age as my brother, so I knew him mostly from afar, as younger children usually do with older pupils. I well remember his good looks and cheeky grin when I sometimes dared to speak to him when he was with my brother. I also remember him as a bit of a gentle rebel at Cirencester Grammar School, where we were educated. I don't remember him getting into any serious trouble, but he definitely stood out from the crowd as a bit of a joker.

I went to see his band, The Corals doing their mammoth record breaking feat of non-stop playing, which I think got them into the Guinness Book of Records. I went to cheer them on during the day. It was all very exciting to me at the time. Nowadays, bands at school are commonplace, but in those days guitar and drums weren't  taught, at least at our school, so starting a band was thought very daring, and took a lot of determination. I loved being on the fringe. The bassist, Nick Henderson taught me my first three guitar chords, and I used to go to his house to hear all the latest singles. 

 I will always remember Colin fondly because he made a big impression on me when I was young, and I know he was a small part of the reason why I went on to write the Fame School series.

 Cindy's Website           Below a made up newspaper, done by Cindy when she was eleven,featuring Colin Flooks.

 Here is  a made up newspaper, done by cindy when she was eleven.featuring Colin Flooks.


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